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  • Tails + Paws | Diesel Turns 4!

  • Today, Diesel is 4 years old! Since it was raining this morning, Mikayla & I referred to our trusty Pinterest app & whipped up a cake for Diesel's birthday. We set up a cake smash session for him inside :) Egg, flour, honey, peanut butter, applesauce, oatmeal... all mixed together & poured into a ramekin[...]
  • Tails + Paws | Diesel Turns 3!

  • I know what you're thinking... this lady is crazy. And I am. But I'm okay with that. I've accepted it. My family has. Life goes on :) It was a gorgeous day & we spent the entire day outside from sun-up to sun-down... all except for baking these delicious cakes. And yes, I tried it! I found a delicious little Pi[...]
  • Tails + Paws | Diesel Turns 2!

  • Another year older... another reason to be the crazy dog lady who bakes her pup a special birthday cake. His favorite treats are ice cubes, carrots & peanut butter. Unfortunately, we were out of carrots since I just pureed a bunch for his sister. So this year,  I subbed out the carrots for apples & bananas. I a[...]
  • Tails + Paws | "Puppy" Diesel Turns 1!

  • It's been a day of reminiscing. Looking back through photos & videos of when our German Shepherd/Rottie pup was well… a puppy. He used to be so very tiny. I'll never forget the day that Rob & I drove 1.5 hrs to a parking lot, and waited with an empty leash in hand, among other eager soon-to-be puppy parents. I [...]