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  • Kiddo Lifestyle | Mikayla at 7 months

  • { 7 months already! Where has the time gone? } Sleeping: Mikayla is now sleeping through the night (or waking once for a nursing occasionally). I think ever since she figured out that she could sleep on her belly... she's been sleeping so much better. At first I was totally nervous to watch her flip onto her belly w[...]
  • Tails + Paws | Diesel Turns 2!

  • Another year older... another reason to be the crazy dog lady who bakes her pup a special birthday cake. His favorite treats are ice cubes, carrots & peanut butter. Unfortunately, we were out of carrots since I just pureed a bunch for his sister. So this year,  I subbed out the carrots for apples & bananas. I a[...]
  • Mikayla's First Easter

  • Bunny ears, bunny tails, lamb ears... the things you do to babies for the seasons & holidays. I'm big on the themes, what can I say. I think that the next time I do another shoot of little Miss M, I'll wait until my husband or my Mom is around to help assist. I had sweat dripping off of me by the end of this fia[...]
  • Kiddo Lifestyle | Mikayla at 4 months

  • So... my camera was unfortunately broken (needed a new circuitboard) since the beginning of the new year. Canon finally returned it to me fixed... therefore, beware the upcoming baby spam. I was going crazy not being able to capture high quality photos of my daughter the last 2 months. Thank goodness I had it for wh[...]