Kiddo Lifestyle | Little M Turns 3

3 years old. Crazy how time flies.

She’s little Miss Independent for sure. So good at playing by herself, especially with her barbies these days. She finally got to have all of mommy’s barbies since she’s now fully potty-trained. I think I’ve said that so many times lately, because it feels so good to say after all those terrible months of dealing with her stubborn personality & refusing to do #2 on the potty. I really got sick of hearing her say… “Mommy, change me.” But now… she runs to the bathroom all by herself, no problem. Thank goodness we have that big box checked off before baby #2’s arrival.

Speaking of baby #2… she’s going to be such a great big sister. Every day, at least once, she’ll touch my belly and lean in and say “we’re going to have a baby” and it melts my heart every time. She was scared of my growing belly for a while, until Daddy kissed it, and then she though okay I guess it’s okay to give baby a kiss too. She practices with her baby dolls, reading to them in the nursery, pushing her babies in the swing, using wipes to wipe her babies’ bottoms until they’re soaking wet and need to re-dry. Although, she really hates the fact that any of her barbies and baby dolls should ever wear clothing… so hopefully she doesn’t think she can be stripping down the real baby come February too. I’ll have to keep my eye out for that. Naked barbies everywhere around here is the norm.

She sleeps so well. Goes to bed after we read 2-3 books every night, plus we recount the day via Snapchat… and is typically in bed by 8:30. She’s out in 5 minutes & sleeps until around 7:15-7:30 every morning.

We celebrated her party this past Saturday with family from both sides. A big thank you to all that could come! I’ll end this post with photos from the party.

I’m so very lucky to have a daughter of my own. So many fun memories to make & look forward to! We love you Mikayla, so very much. xoxo

IMG_7533-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006 IMG_7537-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006 IMG_7539-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006 IMG_7547-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006 IMG_7550-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006 IMG_7554-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006IMG_7559-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006 IMG_7565-Mikayla-3rdBirthday-171006


And a big thank you to my sister-in-law (Laurie) for taking the following photos during the party for us!

IMG_0004IMG_0018 IMG_0046 IMG_0042 IMG_0040 IMG_0034 IMG_0031 IMG_0028IMG_0053IMG_0049 IMG_0072 IMG_0068 IMG_0064 IMG_0062IMG_0074IMG_0086IMG_0093 IMG_0096IMG_0097IMG_0102 IMG_0100 IMG_0099IMG_0106 IMG_0105 IMG_0090

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