Mother’s Day Mini Sessions

Hey guys! The weather has been so crazy lately. So much rain… which has resulted in it being very difficult scheduling multiple clients on one day, and then changing it over & over again. I had my initial sessions scheduled to take place at a local orchard amidst the gorgeous cherry blossoms. But we only managed to get one shoot in before the rain removed the rest of the blossoms over the course of the next couple of days. So we changed location for our rain date to Long’s Park. There are a few sessions that we still need to arrange to accommodate everyone’s schedules… but here are some favorites from 7 of the mini sessions celebrating these beautiful mamas! It’s so awesome to see the love they all have for one another. I hope you ladies have a wonderful mother’s day weekend celebrating with your families. <3

IMG_3356-OrchardMinis-GriffithFamily-170420 IMG_3553-OrchardMinis-GriffithFamily-170420 IMG_3942-LongsParkMiniSession-Thompson-170428 IMG_4048-LongsParkMiniSession-Thompson-170428 IMG_4225-LongsParkMiniSession-Thompson-170428 IMG_4281-LongsParkMiniSession-Thompson-170428 IMG_4479-LongsParkMiniSession-Williams-170429 IMG_4496-LongsParkMiniSession-Williams-170429 IMG_4843-LongsParkMiniSession-GerlachFamily-170429 IMG_4861-LongsParkMiniSession-GerlachFamily-170429 IMG_5010-LongsParkMiniSession-SauderFamily-170429 IMG_5052-LongsParkMiniSession-SauderFamily-170429 IMG_5620-MothersDayMinis-170506 IMG_5707-MothersDayMinis-170506 IMG_5998-MothersDayMinis-170506 IMG_6221-MothersDayMinis-170506