Zachery Family | Lifestyle Session

As I was working on updating my site, I realized that I had missed quite a few blog posts last year when life got busy. So here I am, just not getting around to posting some older sessions that I just love so very much, and have to ensure they make it to the blog!

This family has been through so, so much over the past year & together, they make quite the amazing team. After losing their home to a fire & renting for months and months… their new home has been built & completed.  They lost all of their family photos in the fire, none of which I can replace. So when I first learned of what had happened, I felt compelled to help in a way that I knew would make a great impact… capturing new memories of their family to have for years to come. As you look through these photos… you’ll see the love & appreciation for one another. It’s such a beautiful thing to witness.

IMG_0292-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023 CollageA CollageB CollageF IMG_0541-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023 IMG_0576-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023 IMG_0600-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023CollageDIMG_0703-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023 IMG_0843-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023 IMG_1060-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023 IMG_0993-ZacheryFamily-LifestyleSession-161023