Tails + Paws | Diesel Turns 4!

Today, Diesel is 4 years old!

Since it was raining this morning, Mikayla & I referred to our trusty Pinterest app & whipped up a cake for Diesel’s birthday. We set up a cake smash session for him inside 🙂 Egg, flour, honey, peanut butter, applesauce, oatmeal… all mixed together & poured into a ramekin. After baking & allowing it to cool, we topped the cake with a peanut butter & greek yogurt icing, a heart-shaped dog veggie dog treat & 4 candles. He clearly wasn’t thrilled with the party hats however.

Hoping to get them both out to the park later today after M’s nap.

Happy 4th Birthday little man 🙂 We love you so.

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