Kiddo Lifestyle | Little M Turns 2

Turning two… and all too fast. She’s had quite the 2nd year of life might I say. I mean, we really jam-packed her year with seasonal activities & vacations & play dates & new foods & a lot of reading… always with the books, that girl.

Her personality is growing every day & it’s so much fun to see who is she becoming. Miss Independent for sure, always on-the-go with her one arm just swinging away, walking miles ahead of me without questioning if I’m even coming with. She’s smart. So smart. Like, at 2, she knows quite a few colors (green is always first, always… blue, red, yellow, purple, orange & black). She can count to 11, not 10, but 11. She just may skip 4, 5 & 7 from time-to-time 🙂 She has had quite the vocabulary for some time now. She repeats everything we say, so we definitely have to be careful with this one, but I think that’s why she talks as much as she does & knows so many words. She is a visual learner for sure (perhaps like her art-minded parents). She can yell “Nonna” as we’re driving along the countryside passing fields & apparently certain farms or houses give her clues as to where we’re going & who we’re about to see. She can see the red Target logo on a sign & know that that means “shopping”. This girl sure loves to shop. And shoes, huge fan of shoes & trying them all on on-the-daily. She tells Diesel “bless you” every time he sneezes, it’s just so cute. She walks around the house taking selfies with her radio or camera-purse & is a huge advocate of cleaning. She always is cleaning something. We’ve started to work on using the potty from time-to-time, but no pressure. We may try to get more into that business after vacation.

She simply amazes us every day & I’m so honored to be her mama. I love getting to stay at home with her. It’s a dream & I’ll never take it for granted, my time with her.

I’ll follow-up with some celebration photos for her 2-year birthday. And yes, she’s used to saying “cheese” for Mommy on all of the shoots I put her through 🙂 Mikayla, Mommy & Daddy love you so very much. You make us both incredibly happy. I hope you enjoy looking back on all of these wonderful memories for years to come. You bring us so much joy. xoxo
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And to end the blog post… how about a comparison of this year’s crib balloon party with last year’s!? I love a good comparison. (All the feels.)collagea
Last year’s 1-year birthday here.