Baby Kennedy Rose | Newborn Lifestyle Session

Newborn lifestyle sessions have become a big passion of mine. (I know it’s how I’ll prefer my next newborn session to be captured for my own family as well.)

There’s just something so personal about them. It’s your home, your space, your belongings, your memories (past, present & future). And now I’ve arrived to capture these precious early days in your home, while you get to know your baby. Your child will never again look as small as they do in your arms sitting there on that chair. He or she will never again look as tiny as they do while laying in the crib. You’ll quickly learn that you forget what these early days in your home with a newborn were like. I’m here to help keep those memories alive and give you something precious to look back on for years to come.

World, meet Kennedy Rose. She has 2 wonderful parents who have become such great friends to us over the years. Traci shared with me a snippet of information regarding certain items she may have been gifted from friends and/or family. I’m a huge fan of anything sentimental!

Congratulations guys! xoxo


“My brother handmade the wood jewelry box.”
“My grandma made the She-ra pillow from an old set of She-ra sheets my mom had saved.” (both pictured here)IMG_3635-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_3625-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_3599-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
“I gave Shane the Dada book for his first Father’s Day.”IMG_3651-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_3732-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_3708-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_3693-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3764-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3818-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3804-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3800-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3823-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3882-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3843-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3839-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3894-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3943-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3925-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3899-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_3979-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4006-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4002-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_3986-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
///Pink booties///
“My late grandma made those to give to one of her great grandchildren before any of us had kids. After my brother and cousin had all boys, my grandma gave the booties to my best friend when she had a girl. At my baby shower, my best friend gave them back to me for Kennedy to have.”IMG_4029-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
///The blankets are all hand made by family members.///
“Shane’s Aunt Sue knitted a pink blanket, my Aunt Linda stitched the one quilt, my best friend’s mom crocheted the other pink blanket. And my grandma made the Winnie the poo quilt before she passed away for my children and was giving to me when she was born.”IMG_4122-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4104-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
“The dachshund book and stuffed animal was given to Kennedy by my sister.”IMG_4088-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4081-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
 “The unicorn box was mine as a child, given to me from my mom.”IMG_4077-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4062-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
“The She-Ra picture was given to be from my brother…he was a he-man fan and I was a she-ra fan when we were little. His son colored the Captain America picture.”
“The mobile was part of my first anniversary gift from Shane, since paper is the 1 year gift.”IMG_4058-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
“My mom gave Kennedy the piggy bank and picture frame.”IMG_4055-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4052-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
“The shadow box has my first pair of point shoes and a card from my baby shower.”IMG_4047-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4038-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4123-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4145-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4140-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4438-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4433-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4428-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4406-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4382-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4361-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4360-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4353-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4344-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820 IMG_4343-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4337-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4332-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4307-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4294-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4284-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820
“The twiddle bug story is one my grandma would read us every time we slept over at her house. She did a great Count voice!”IMG_4254-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4232-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4223-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4174-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820IMG_4454-KennedyRose-NewbornLifestyle-160820