Tails + Paws | Diesel Turns 3!

I know what you’re thinking… this lady is crazy. And I am. But I’m okay with that. I’ve accepted it. My family has. Life goes on đŸ™‚
It was a gorgeous day & we spent the entire day outside from sun-up to sun-down… all except for baking these delicious cakes. And yes, I tried it!

I found a delicious little Pinterest recipe for a dog-safe cake using ingredients I happened to have in my fridge. Other than the core cake ingredients… it involved the addition of honey, plain yogurt, peanut butter, applesauce & my personal addition for the topping… crumbled leftover turkey bacon!

D’s mouth was watering & he devoured it in no time. I can’t believe my little man is now 3 years old. I miss his puppy days for sure. But I’m also thankful for the pup he has become & the best big brother to Little M. She loves him dearly & even had fun giving him her leftover cheese to end the night. Happy Birthday Diesel!

IMG_7883-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417IMG_7900-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7903-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7912-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7918-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7933-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7937-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7963-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7972-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7978-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7980-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7984-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7987-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417 IMG_7991-Mikayla-Diesel3rdbirthday-160417

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