Kurowski Family | Matt, Dana & Cole

I used to work with Matt once upon a time. We both went our separate ways & so I was stoked when he & his wife had reached out via Facebook to book a photoshoot with their family! It’s always nice to reconnect 🙂 Dana (who is absolutely stunning & so fun to photograph) had the wonderful idea of doing an at-home session which I of course was all for. It fits right into my lifestyle goals for Wishbone & their home is gorgeous to say the least. I would have thought that she was an interior designer on the side with how beautifully it was all decorated! We started the morning off with some coffee & a book on aviation. Cole is very into airplanes & listening to him talk about it was quite impressive. He’s very smart. Cole was such a charming young man who was such a pleasure to work with. He listened to direction so well & was naturally good at posing & pretending the camera wasn’t in his face. He is the only child & it was so very cool to see the close connection this family has for one another. The way Cole would look at his parents, the way he would lean into them or hold their hand. I hadn’t asked for any of that to even happen. I love when moments like that just naturally unfold in front of the camera. It’s raw & real, & the perfect way to tell someone’s story. I’m so very happy for this beautiful family in their new, amazing home. They deserve every bit of happiness & I thank them for allowing me to spend the morning with them, getting to know them all just a little bit more. I hope they enjoy these photos for years to come. Cole is growing way too fast. Have a very Merry Christmas! It’s my last shoot of the year.


IMG_9841-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9852-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9870-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9882-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9885-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9906-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9924-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9945-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9950-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9962-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_9993-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213IMG_0015-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213-Edit IMG_0054-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0055-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0060-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0068-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0086-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0094-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0099-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0103-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0130-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0137-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0151-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0165-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213-Edit IMG_0202-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0219-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0221-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0225-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0276-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0283-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0287-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0320-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0335-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0340-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0360-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0365-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0368-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0378-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0383-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0394-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0402-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0403-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0410-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0424-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0425-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0432-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0435-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0439-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0461-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0493-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0520-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0528-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0533-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0537-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0548-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0559-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0573-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0574-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0587-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0612-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0644-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213 IMG_0646-KurowskiFamily-Lifestyle-151213