M’s 1st Birthday Party (x2)

With my family living 2 hours north of Lancaster, it’s often easier to have double the parties, double the fun. It’s just too hard to get grandparents to travel that far & it’s nice to include family from both my husband’s side & mine. I chose to theme Mikayla’s party “Little Red Riding Hood” style, for no other reason, other than I had stumbled upon this adorable photo of a dog & a baby on Pinterest, & instantly knew that I too had to capture our duo dressed as this for Halloween. To get more usage out of her outfits, it also was decided upon to be her birthday party theme.

We were so thankful to have finished our basement just in time for the party. About 30ish adults + 8 kids or so, and it got hot & crazy in this house in no time. Her birthday party unfortunately was surrounded by hurricane weather and with that came lots of rain. The backyard was a swampy, soaked mess & the temperature was rather brisk, so we kept the party indoors. Again, I cannot thank Rob’s sister’s wonderful husband, Matt, for all of his amazing help in getting our basement finished. He’s seriously amazing & we are so grateful for his skills & humor, because let’s face it… when you’re in the middle of renovation chaos & things aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like at times… it’s nice to have “Handy Matty” around for more than one reason. I’d also like to give a shoutout to Rob’s younger sister’s husband, Colton, as he came over a few times to also help get things moving along. So a big thank you to you as well sir. And lastly, a thank you to Rob’s dad for handling the installation of all the electrical work & lighting. We now can relax in our beautiful, cozy, finished basement all thanks to you guys!

M was very overwhelmed at both parties with all of the new adults in her home, especially upon awakening from her nap. So I apologize for any dirty looks or stare-downs or unenthusiastic moments the attendees may have witnessed. She’s usually very chipper & happy at home, when she’s not overwhelmed & not sick that is. We cannot thank you attendees enough for taking the time out of your busy lives to travel to & celebrate with us. We appreciated your company & M thanks you for her wonderful presents. She’s slowly getting around to playing with them all. Thank you cards are in the works 🙂 I had so much fun designing her invitation & her fact board, & shopping for the tiny woodland theme details. I got lucky and found many of the items at The Dollar Tree!

And now… I’ll let the photos summarize her parties. A big thank you to her “Aunt L’s” (Lindsey & Laurie) for both taking photos for me while the parties went on. It’s simply too much going on for me to handle it all. So I really appreciate your help in capturing the details for me! I also want to say a big thank you to both sets of M’s grandparents. Nonna & PopPop were so very helpful in renting tables & chairs to help with our seating issue for everyone. Mimi & Pappy helped by hosting a party up at their home for all of my family to celebrate with Mikayla. Both of the cakes were designed so perfectly for our little one’s themed birthday & so very delicious, so a big thank you to both Nonna & Mimi for handling the cakes 🙂 xoxo

IMG_3536-Mikaylas1stBirthdayParty150816-addressblockedIMG_3553-Mikaylas1stBirthdayParty150816IMG_3559-Mikaylas1stBirthdayParty150816-addressblockedIMG_3603-Mikaylas1stBirthdayParty150816-addressblocked16x20-FactBoard-v1IMG_5961-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_4310 IMG_4323 IMG_4324IMG_4342 IMG_4343IMG_5862-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5865-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003IMG_5876-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_4345 IMG_4347 IMG_4353 IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4356 IMG_4357 IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4365 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4377 IMG_4380 IMG_5866-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5879-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5880-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5887-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5893-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5899-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5901-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5907-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5909-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5910-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5915-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5920-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5923-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5929-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5934-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5936-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5941-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5944-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5948-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5953-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5964-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5971-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5972-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5977-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5978-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5980-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5985-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5986-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5992-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5996-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_5997-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6000-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6004-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6005-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6008-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6011-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6012-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6013-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6017-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6019-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6022-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6025-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6026-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6027-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6032-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6033-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6034-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6035-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6042-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6044-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6046-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6047-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6048-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6050-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6054-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6056-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6058-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6059-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6061-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6062-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151003 IMG_6232-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6237-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6240-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6241-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6242-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6244-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6245-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6246-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6247-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6249-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6257-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6259-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6261-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6263-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6270-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6272-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6273-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6274-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6276-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6277-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6278-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6283-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010 IMG_6288-Mikayla-1stBirthdayParty151010