Kiddo Lifestyle | Mikayla at 9 months

Sleeping: You would think by 9 months that a baby would like to sleep all night. Not the case with this girl. She must miss me too much and prefers to see me at least once during the nighttime hours. She has given me just a few all-nighters since 7 months… but they are the rare & few. She prefers to sleep on her stomach surrounded by 5 pacifiers. In the morning, we’ll typically go on a hunt for all of them as they end up tossed into a bin near her crib or underneath among Diesel’s tumbleweeds. Her swing is still set up in her bedroom, and I’m not sure why. I guess it’s either sentimental reasons or being lazy, perhaps a little of both. Her naps have been pretty inconsistent the last few weeks. She’s been waking at 6:30 a.m. most mornings, and goes to bed around 8 at night. Typically she’ll get in a good 2 hr nap at some point in the morning, and then another hour long nap in the late afternoon. Then we end the day with dinner, a little play time & a relaxing walk around the neighborhood with her puppy by her side.

Eating: She’s nursing 5-6 times a day. I always offer the milk first. And on top of that, she prefers to have her morning oatmeal or pancake and then some sort of veggie, meat & fruit for lunch & dinner. It’s so much easier now that she can just eat whatever we’re having. Her favorite veggie I’d have to say, is still avocado. She likes her healthy fats that one. Favorite snack is her puffs. And her favorite fruit would probably be a tie between banana & applesauce. She prefers to feed herself and gets frustrated if I try to help get whatever it is that she’s trying to grab, into her mouth for her. She swats my hand away. The only way I can typically try to help is if I scoop it up onto a spoon and then she’ll allow me to feed her. She gets frustrated with creamy substances such as oatmeal or applesauce as she often tries to “pick it up” and feed herself that way. Miss independent.

Playing: 8.5 months rolled around and this girl was crawling and on her way to taking the house down. She has gone from crawling at 8.5 months… to all of the sudden attempting to walk at 9 months. This is just all too soon for me. I wasn’t quite prepared mentally, nor was the house for all her quick movements and new height advantages. She has always been very alert and curious about the world surrounding her from day 1. Now that she can get the toy that she wants… she also wants to open drawers, open gates, grab Daddy’s keyboard & mouse cords, push the Direct TV & Xbox buttons, pull clothes down off tables, play with Diesel’s toys, try to play with outlets, push her walker around & stand at the couch’s side until I pick her up. Her favorite toys are her handheld radio (she seems to even have a song preference as she skips over the others), loves to stand at her little activity table pushing all the buttons so it plays the same songs over and over & of course… Diesel’s favorite toy – his little red squeaky football. She loves to play with his toys & he now loves to play with her rubber ball. At least they’re the 2 best friends that anyone could have. I fear that it’s only a matter of weeks until this girl is walking. She gets such a big smile on her face when she stands at her walker, and pushes it while taking a few steps. It of course makes us parents both nervous. She’s ready to go & see the world.

Personality: She is always changing, and it’s so fun to see her little personality grow. She now tilts her head to the side as if she knows she’s cute. I’m sure she’ll be using this to her advantage as she gets older to melt Daddy’s heart. She’s still sassy as ever (also since day 1). If you set her down onto the floor or walk out of the room or get up from the table… you better bet blowing bubbles will ensue. There are 2 different types of blowing bubbles… the happy ones, and the angry/frustrated kind. It’s easy to tell the difference. She’s still as smiley as ever. Happily talks. Giggles, especially when Daddy is around to entertain. Loves being tossed into the air. Still raises her right eyebrow as if it has a life of its own.

Happy 9 months my sweet one. You are exhausting, entertaining & so very loving. We are enjoying watching you grow, learn & explore. xoxo




 She adores her puppy. And he adores her.

CollageB CollageC CollageD

This face. The face of betrayal. (All I did was put her down.) Life is hard.
CollageE CollageF CollageG

This egg is one of her favorites. Which came first… the baby or the egg?

Tiny hands won’t last forever.

That tiny mole is simply adorable. Her very first.


Still rockin’ just 2 teethers.


Those eyes, and that soft skin.


Her Great Great Aunt Florence bought her this magical book that lights up and plays music. One of her new favorites!


A little too chipper for me in the mornings.


Good morning darling.


Daddy loves his little girl. And Diesel does too.


Those thighs though.


Life is hard.


Play-time with Daddy and his new thin red line firefighter ring!


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