Kiddo Lifestyle | Mikayla at 4 months

So… my camera was unfortunately broken (needed a new circuitboard) since the beginning of the new year. Canon finally returned it to me fixed… therefore, beware the upcoming baby spam.

I was going crazy not being able to capture high quality photos of my daughter the last 2 months. Thank goodness I had it for when she was a newborn so I could grab a few shots of her baby freshness. So here is a little bit about life at home…


I remember the days of being oh so pregnant, and enjoying every minute of decorating her room. I remember dreaming of the moment where this crib would no longer be empty, and full of so much life. I remember loving her so very much before I even met her. And here she is, saying hello.




I want to remember all the little details of her tiny hands & feet. Her tiny hands playing with my hair or gently rubbing my arm, holding onto my fingers when she’s needing comfort. Her sweet kissable toes… as they most certainly won’t be kissable forever.



I want to remember her exploring new toys & this new world around her. How she’ll just stare at a new object taking it all in. How she now is starting to grasp those bright, colorful toys & bring them closer. Sometimes even talking to them, her new friends.










I want to remember her needing me, especially for comfort during her teething days. How sometimes, she’ll have an off day and simply want to be held. How she’s content just being on my chest, listening to my breathing. It makes me so happy that she finds comfort in my arms, for someday she’ll no longer need me to comfort her in this way. For now, I’ll soak up those baby snuggles.



Mikayla typically loves diaper changes & naked time in general. She especially enjoys when her daddy changes her & makes his funny faces & sounds. He makes it fun… always bringing out the best giggles & smiles. Kindred spirits, those two.


CollageQ CollageK

It’s so fun to watch this sweet, little girl grow & explore. But why does it have to go by so fast? I can’t believe she’s almost 5 months old already. Slow down little one.
CollageN CollageO CollageP

And now… back to our regularly scheduled program that she loves… Baby First TV. 

Sincerely, a reminiscing mommy who needs a glass of wine. *sniff*





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