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Our family welcomed yet another wee one in 2014. Meet Dominic Matthew Olsen. 🙂 He sure is handsome, and such an angel. He sleeps so well for his mommy & daddy, and seems to be very easy-going. I’m finding that I truly enjoy lifestyle sessions & want to focus primarily on these moving forward. I asked Laurie if they would like photos of their new little guy, and so we set up shop in their bedroom one morning, and captured so many beautiful memories for their family to look back on. I loved shooting this session and was excited to capture Dominic’s awesome bedroom. About 5 shots in… my camera’s shutter hung up and wouldn’t close. The only way it closed is if my camera was turned off. Off to the camera doc it went, only to find out that I’ll be needing to replace the shutter completely, as in it is destroyed. I was so sad that I couldn’t keep shooting Dominic in his room, as there were so many fun details to capture. At least I captured the memories below. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of these special moments guys. Love you all, and congrats again!

IMG_0197-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0203-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0218-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0232-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0246-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0247-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0252-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0255-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0258-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0264-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0267-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0273-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0277-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0293-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0306-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0325-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0334-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0347-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0358-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0370-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0372-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0373-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0377-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0382-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0269-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0272-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0314-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0321-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230 IMG_0344-OlsenFamily-BabyDom-LifestyleNewborn141230


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