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I can’t believe my niece is already 4 weeks old! Where does the time go. Life has been so very crazy busy lately, that I haven’t been able to spend much time with her at all unfortunately.

I did however have the opportunity to spend some time with my sister-in-law, her husband Colton & their new addition last weekend. We got together on Sunday after my dog training session was over, and did a little lifestyle session in their beautiful home.

This little girl has no idea how nice of a bedroom she has at the moment, but she is one lucky girl.

Congratulations on your new addition Beth & Colton. So very happy for you both and your little family. I look forward to Mikayla having a cousin close in age.

IMG_0118-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0124-Sauder-Newborn140824-2 IMG_0125-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0133-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0135-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0150-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0159-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0162-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0165-Sauder-Newborn140824-2 IMG_0173-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0177-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0178-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0185-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0214-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0228-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0243-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0244-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0250-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0260-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0261-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0267-Sauder-Newborn140824-2 IMG_0285-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0286-Sauder-Newborn140824 IMG_0296-Sauder-Newborn140824-Edit-2 IMG_0309-Sauder-Newborn140824-Edit-2



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