Family + Newborn | Lauren, Devonair, Aliyah and Baby Desmond

Lauren works with me at JPL, so I’ve watched her grow on this wonderful journey. Baby Desi finally arrived 🙂

We met up at Fort Hunter, on front street in Harrisburg, for a family session with her adorable little ones. The weather was perfect, all except for some pesky gnats. I guess that’s what you get when shooting next to the river. Baby Desi was extremely hungry that morning, (I think Lauren fed him about 4 different times throughout the session), so he was fussy and it was difficult to get the shots. With a lot of patience & waiting it out… I think we managed to create some successful, beautiful moments.

Congratulations Lauren and Devonair. So happy for your little family!


IMG_9483-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9485-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9516-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9532-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9538-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9545-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9561-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9580-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9588-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9603-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9633-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9664-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9672-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9680-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9685-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9718-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9726-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628-2 IMG_9751-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9760-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9765-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9781-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9805-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628 IMG_9820-LaurenBerkoski-Family140628

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