Newborn | Baby Cassidy Lehman

Meet adorable, baby Cassidy. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim at JPL. Kim has such a warm, bubbly personality that easily draws others in. She’s super friendly & always smiling. Her laugh is infectious & she is truly beautiful, inside & out. I can already tell that she is loving motherhood & is so very happy. It was also exciting to work with her loving husband, Brad. His love for Cassidy & Kim is so obvious & heartwarming. I could tell from just my short time with them on Sunday morning, that Brad is truly enjoying every moment of being a father to his baby girl. Congratulations to you both & thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0736 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0725 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0732 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0649 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0600 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0593 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0589 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0582 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0560 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0537 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0510 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0509 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0503 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0478 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0471 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0434 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0435 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0423 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0416 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0411 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0404 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0401 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0399 130811-2013-BabyCassidy-BradKimLehman0367 CollageD CollageC CollageB CollageA

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